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Temporary Visas

Temporary Visas Temporary visas, also known as non-immigrant visas, are granted to persons seeking to enter the U.S. temporarily for a specific purpose, such as study, business/investment, travel or diplomacy.

Employment-Based Immigration

Employment-Based Immigration We provide a full range of legal services for employers and employees, including: L-1 visas for intra-company transferees, H-1B visa for professional employees and E-2 visa for treaty investors

Marriage and Other Family-Based Immigration

Marriage and Other Family-Based Immigration Whether you are getting married or wish to have your parents, children or siblings join you in the United States, we are here to help you.

Citizenship and Naturalization Services

Citizenship and Naturalization Services Our law firm will assist you in your path to becoming a United States citizen through naturalization or derivative citizenship

Immigration News

Coming From Israel? Levit Is Here To Help

Posted on November 07, 13

For many Israelis, the chance to live in the United States is one that is worth fighting for. A life in the US signifies...

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Immigration Attorney in Boca Raton, FL

Posted on October 08, 13

Finding a trusted local immigration attorney near Boca Raton, FL Being in business for over 13 years have made us realize how difficult it...

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Family Petitions

Posted on August 24, 13

Family based immigration is divided into multiple categories based upon the sponsor’s status of residency, either a US citizen or a permanent resident (a...

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עורך דין לענייני הגירה לארה"ב ...

Posted on August 17, 13
עורך דין לענייני הגירה לארה”ב בפלורידה

עורך דין לענייני הגירה, פלורידה, ארה”ב  מהגר לארה”ב ומחפש עורך דין דובר עברית? הגעת למקום הנכון! קבוצת לויט לענייני הגירה הנו משרד של עורכי...

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